Michael Cohen, President Trump’s convicted ex-lawyer, is reportedly to be released from prison tomorrow, and will serve the rest of his three-year sentence at home.

Cohen’s release comes amid coronavirus concerns, a source told the Wall Street Journal.

The ex-lawyer will be released from the federal prison in Otisville, New York on Thursday on furlough.

Cohen, 53, was serving a three-year sentence, after he pleaded guilty to tax fraud, bank fraud, campaign finance violations and lying to Congress in 2018.

He was originally scheduled to be released from prison in November 2021.

Amid coronavirus concerns, however, he will finish the rest of his sentence at home starting tomorrow, according to multiple reports.

Cohen’s release comes just a month after reports first surfaced that he would leave prison early amid concerns of COVID-19.

His release to home confinement was originally anticipated for May 1, but it didn’t emerge until Wednesday that he will leave the federal facility tomorrow.

The former lawyer’s release from jail comes just days after reports emerged that Paul Manafort, Trump’s ex-campaign boss, would also serve out the rest of his sentence at home

Manafort, 71, was in jail on charges related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation stemming from from his Ukraine-related work from 2006 and 2015.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of prisoners have been released early over concerns of the facilities becoming hotspots for outbreaks.

Attorney General William Barr previously ordered the Bureau of Prisons to increase the use home confinement for inmates.

He also ordered prisons to quicken the release of inmates that are considered high-risk.

Otisville is not one of the prisons that was given the orders by Barr.

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Prisons, 2,265 inmates and 188 staff have tested positive for coronavirus.



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