A Saudi Arabian military pilot training in the United States opened fire with a handgun Friday morning at Naval Air Station Pensacola, leaving three people dead and several others wounded before Florida sheriff’s deputies shot and killed him. It was the second deadly shooting at U.S. naval base this week.

U.S. and Saudi government officials Friday evening identified the gunman as Ahmed Mohammed al Shamrani. The Saudi national was training in the U.S. in accordance with a U.S. Air Force Foreign Military Sales training case funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to Pentagon Spokesman Chris Garver. Al-Shamrani’s training program started in August of 2017 and was scheduled to conclude in August of 2020 and included English Language Training, Basic Aviation, and Initial Pilot Training.

As FBI officials leading the investigation scrutinize potential social media accounts of the alleged shooter, FBI spokeswoman Amanda Videll said the bureau has not established a motive and is trying to determine whether the shooting is a case of terrorism.


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