Poland is ready to intensify multi-dimensional cooperation within the Council of Baltic Sea States and other regional organisations, said Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz during a videoconference with his counterparts from the region.

Mr Czaputowicz stated that cooperation could help overcome the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and restore the path of development. He also expressed the conviction that, owing to the approved reform as well as by means of political dialogue and concrete projects, the council would implement strategies and policies which were important for the region.

In his opinion, international cooperation is “the key to overcoming the pandemic”. He also highlighted the importance of the diversification of energy sources, security of supplies and reduction of emissions.

In the context of the Baltic Pipe project, Mr Czaputowicz expressed his hope for further good cooperation with Denmark, Norway and Sweden. He also pointed to disturbing developments in the field of security, such as military incidents, the development of military potential in the Russian Kaliningrad district and hybrid threats.

In the adopted Bornholm Declaration, the foreign ministers stressed the importance of the council, its potential for supporting the development and stability of the Baltic Sea region and building mutual understanding and trust between member countries.

Having adopted principles governing the operation of the Baltic Sea States’ council, the officials concluded the process of its reform, designed to politically strengthen the body, intensify cooperation with other organisations and increase the council’s ability to implement regional projects.


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